Are you just getting back into creating?

Did you used to have a hobby but you just don’t know where to pick back up?

Or do you feel a little overwhelmed when you see all the stuff at the craft store?

You’re not alone.

I know it sounds silly, but making stuff really can be overwhelming.

With so many ideas swirling around it’s hard to keep them organized. And it’s sometimes hard to make them come to life.

Plus, it can be tough to tell what supplies are worth the time, effort and money they take.

That’s where this page comes in.

This is the spot to come to to see what products I recommend (and why). And to check out my reviews on supplies.

Don’t worry, I’m a straight shooter. I won’t try to convince you of something I’m not convinced of myself.

Making Supplies I'm Currently Using (& Loving)

Cricut Maker

Ever heard of the Cricut Maker?

Honestly, I hadn’t heard of it until a little bit over a year ago. (And even then I still didn’t really know what it did.)

I had always wondered how people were able to get such precise cuts and designs for their crafts. And, while I assumed there was some kind of cutter or helper for this, I didn’t know there was an actual (awesome) machine.

Enter the Cricut Maker.

This machine can cut through so many materials, make so many precision designs and draw so many scripts.

I’ve only had mine a short time (and have nowhere near used all its abilities) but I LOVE it.

I am able to create cute, precise embellishments for crafts, make vinyl decals and much much more. 

All in support of (and HUGE improvement of) my crafting.

Plus, it comes is a pretty rose gold (champagne) color.

While this is definitely an investment piece. It can pay off.

Not only can it seriously up your crafting game, but many people use it to support actual crafting businesses.