Hi, I’m Lauren.

I’m glad you found me.

And I want you to know that you (and all your flaws) are welcome here.

Lauren Makes is a space dedicated to anyone who has ever let their creativity dwindle. 

Is this you?

Maybe life got in the way. Or you didn’t feel good enough. 

Maybe (although I really hope not) somebody even told you weren’t good enough.

Whatever the reason, no matter the excuse, it’s time to take back control. 

You are good enough. 

You were born to be creative. 

You’re life is meant for expression.

So starting creating again. You can follow along with my ideas or come up with new ones of your own.

Just remember, happiness is in the process. Not in perfection.

Wanting to know more about me?




But, I didn’t always feel this way.

For years I struggled with my mental health. (And honestly, sometimes I still do.) 

It affected everything. 

And, between the INSANE amount of weight I gained (still figuring out my relationship with food) and the sadness I felt, I stopped creating.

I stopped feeling good enough, inspired enough and happy enough to do what I love.

I listened to my doubts.

And honestly, I got really tired of it.

So I decided to take back control.

I decided to start doing what makes me happy REGARDLESS of what other people (or my own doubts) think.

And that’s why I started this blog. 

I wanted a space to be creative. 

(Not just for physical crafts and projects but for the actual blogging too. Blogging is an insanely creative endeavor!)

And, I also needed a space to keep me accountable (to myself & others).

So please, help me be accountable. Comment on my posts. Ask questions. Tell me about your journey.

I want to hear it all!